Cessna Aircraft

Cessna Aircraft

Welcome to the World of Cessna Aircraft

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with aircraft will likely hear reference being made to Cessna aircraft at least once in their lifetime. This is simply because Cessna is a pioneer in the aviation industry and has commanded recognition for playing an integral role in aircraft manufacture and design as we know it today. With over 80 years experience in the field, Cessna Aircraft Company has brought safety, class and innovation to the skies by manufacturing and delivering light to mid-size business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircraft.

Clyde Cessna, the founder of Cessna Aircraft Company, was the inventor of some of the earliest models released by the company. Prior to starting Cessna, he spent a few years designing and building monoplanes that used a wing without supporting struts or braces. These monoplanes were designed to help satisfy the intense passion he had for flight. That passion made him the first customer when the company officially opened its doors in 1927. Since then, Cessna has sold and delivered over 190,000 airplanes worldwide. That is an enviable record in the aviation industry that Cessna is very proud to hold.

A great percentage of Cessna aircraft sales to date is due to original single-engine aircraft designed and manufactured by the company in its earlier years. This site is dedicated to those very aircraft, which form the backbone of a company that has transcended generations and has continued to move with the times. The following models will be reviewed throughout this site:

Cessna 150 - 4th most produced civilian plane in the world
Cessna 152 - all metal airframe craft first delivered in 1977
Cessna 172 - best selling airplane to date
Cessna 182 - 182A model was introduced as the popular Skylane
Cessna 206 - part of a family of aircraft, including Cessna 205 and Cessna 207
Cessna 210 - first flown in January 1957
Cessna 310 - 1st twin model to enter production after World War II
Cessna 400 - fastest fixed gear single engine piston aircraft

This site promises to be a concise, yet informative resource for Cessna aircraft enthusiasts interested in learning more about these revolutionary planes. There is something unique about each model that has ever been manufactured, and just as it is with motor cars, people will latch on to one as their ultimate favorite. Whether your interest lies in aesthetics or sheer power, there is definitely a Cessna single or twin engine aircraft out there for you.

As visitors navigate through the site, detailed descriptions will provide an in depth look into the structural and aesthetic design of the Cessna aircraft and hint at just why Cessna has managed to remain one of the top manufacturers of aircraft to date.

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